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Nadal: Worst Ever Sportsman of the ATP

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Re: Nadal: Worst Ever Sportsman of the ATP

Post by truffin1 on Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:43 am

I think nadal is losing it mentaly, but more importantly, physically.  As much as I dislike his tennis, I honestly am starting to worry about him as a fellow human.  His years of doping are imo- leading to a breakdown of his body and that can have real and serious long term consequencs to his health.  He has won plenty on the dope and can retire as a top all time player- there just isn't a reason to ruin his health.  I know I am not the only one who noticed this week the clumps of bald spots on his head- he's lost a noticeable amount just in the the month since the AO!   Delisional fans like amri can say all they want things like "I've never seen nadal with so much hair". But the fact if the guy is shedding in a completely unnatural way!   A typical side effect would be gradual natural acting loss like we have seen in countless doped athletes and what has happened to nadal for years. What we are seeing now is the body reaction to being poisoned-  just like chemo.  There are three explanations-,1. His docs are experimenting with new mixes to avoid new testing and his body is in shock. 2. He's not cycling down which I have thought happened in the past and his body is going into toxic shock. 3. The years and years of abuse have caught up and his health is being affected.  We see the breakdown of his fitness, his mental issues, fatigue, excessive sweating, body parts breaking down. These are serious signs of doping gone way to far and too long.  And it's a real human problem. If his fans cared About him as much as they think they do. They would quit worrying about him trying to become a goat, and start speaking out.  Pocketbook pressure is the only thing that will stop the nadal team from continuing this disastrous track.


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Re: Nadal: Worst Ever Sportsman of the ATP

Post by Tenez on Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:08 am

His baldness certainly does not look very natural. It's not the typical deep entries at the front or circle at the back as it starts for most men like his father for instance. It's hair loss everywhere, just thining . he looked like someone going trough chemio.

But to me problem is probably simpler and it's very clearly explained by Nadal complaining to Carlo. He simply lacked oxygen to play his grueling game. had he been able to take those extra 10 to 15 sec after every single point, like he used to....he may have won another close match like so many in the past. However the wet and hot conditions and tighter time rule was enough to send him cramping and affect his mental side.

This is very similar to what we saw in that AO final. Djoko cramping, having those weird body torsion or Murray constantly grabbing his groin or back.

The time rule is certainly affecting them a bit more nowadays. Nadal coudl take hours in the past and I ve spoken about it it many times but when you had those 15s extra after every single point it helped hugely Nadal's game!

Remember the first 5 setter nadal lost (to Fed) was Miami....losing the last 6 games in a row. The last time he played within the rule.

The second and last time he lost a 5 setter (before Djoko's time), v Fed again, it was that Wimby final 2007 when the referee exceptionally warned Nadal about taking extra time right before the match.

More than the doping, I find it very disgraceful the fact the ATP turned also a blind eye to this very important time rule for years to allow Nadal to mess everyone up.


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