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'Speeding up' initiatives are stupid

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'Speeding up' initiatives are stupid

Post by bogbrush on Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:41 am

I was reading this morning of the ideas to speed up tennis; no-advantage games, shorter sets, that sort of thing.

It makes me a bit angry to be honest. It's the type of thing that screams of dumbing down. It says that viewers are too stupid to understand the evolution of a set of tennis, or that the opportunity for ebb and flow within a set - break backs - are somehow not an intrinsic part of what makes the game compulsive.

I'm sick of the trend everywhere to treat people as infants. Science programmed that treat people like imbeciles, weather forecasters who instead of telling me about low pressure zones and precipitation tell me to wrap up warm or be careful driving, news that features reporters interviewing each other about how they feel rather than telling me about events, politicians who push the mantra that the State is accountable for your health rather than telling people if you eat like a pig you get fat and give yourself diabetes and cancer, and that's your problem. 

As if that's not bad enough now they want to take the magnificence of a Grand Slam triumph and turn it into a hit & hope event - maybe we can get it squeezed into a week if they play fast enough, I mean why not? Then we could have 8 Grand Slam events and have all new records! How marvelous!!

(Yes, got up today in one of those moods smiley ) 

Of course the game did nothing for years about the conditions and equipment scandals that have made 30 stroke rallies and 5 hour matches routine.

I wonder if the people who think this way have any love if the game at all. Maybe they just want their TV slots.

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Re: 'Speeding up' initiatives are stupid

Post by gallery play on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:16 am

Don't know which article you're referring to, but you only mention changes in the scoring system.
Well, if there's one thing unique about tennis in a positive way it's the scoring system. In Snooker and Darts you see those stupid best of 11,15,19 ect leg matches. How boring is that? It kills the drama, momentum shifts and potential upsets.
Changes in scoring systems are obviously money driven (easier to schedule commercial breaks) but not to increase the entertainment value.

There are plenty of better ways to speed up tennis.

gallery play

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Re: 'Speeding up' initiatives are stupid

Post by bogbrush on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:22 am

It's in the Telegraph today.

The scoring in tennis is what makes it. Key moments created frequently, the drama of the freak extended events - like the critical 3rd set game in the W2012 final when Fed broke Miurray after about 14 deuces - that are so pivotal because they're rare. Imagine if that was denied, it would diminish the match.


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Re: 'Speeding up' initiatives are stupid

Post by Sponsored content

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