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I'm loving the demise of Nadal

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I'm loving the demise of Nadal

Post by Emancipator on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:05 am

And long may it continue..

Until we never have to see his cheating big butt on the TV ever again.

Hopefully he'll continue to get beaten by nobodies for another 12 months and then we can be sure he's finished.

This is what happens when a one dimensional player loses his main weapon - in this case his fitness and speed.

Now he's become the Dog's bunny as well as the Fog..

I wonder who else is gonna beat up on him for fun.  Laugh

BTW where is that XXXXX Amritia..  Used to post a million times a day when Nadal was winning and now that he's losing to a bunch of journeymen he;s disappeared. LOL, what a sad loser

Last edited by Tenez on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:07 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : No free insults on this board TMF. You know that don't you?)


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Re: I'm loving the demise of Nadal

Post by DECIMA on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:36 am

TMF wrote:
BTW where is that coward Amritia..  Used to post a million times a day when Nadal was winning and now that he's losing to a bunch of journeymen he;s disappeared. LOL, what a sad loser
Well firstly I've had exams recently, but still been posting quite regularly in the past few weeks.
Secondly I'm not sure you would know, but others on the forum will do, that when Nadal won the French Open 2014 last year I wasn't posting on the forum and didn't come back. I could have come back and rubbed it in etc. but I didn't.

Thirdly I think your tone and language is quite disrespectful. I don't think people such as NITB and Tenez like Nadal either (which is absolutely fine by me, I recognise different people have different tastes), but based on that they don't go on to address me in the way you do. Maybe you have a bit to learn from others.

On the topic of Nadal, I'll say what I said on the other thread, I think it is fair to write him off. Also though it is fair to say it's possible he may surprise us again to some extent (I personally feel v. unlikely).
Nadal has already passed all my expectations that I had for him, I've supported him since he was a teenager, he's had success beyond his own dreams and those of his fans. Obviously he won't dominate forever, but a sense of perspective shows that overall he's had an incredible career. Even if he retired now, he's done his fans proud. As for the haters, I remember the phrase I came up with 'The Trojan soldiers may be happy the fire and the smoke is out, but their city has already been burned down the the ground.'


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