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Equal Prize Money

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Equal Prize Money Empty Equal Prize Money

Post by Tenez on Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:00 am

Yes a subject done to death in all tennis forums but not sure where people stand here.

In the past I have been in favour of equal prize money in slams since they have a duty of a PC shop window. However I must admit I am a bit puzzled by ladies earning so much money and more so about the discrepancies on other slams events.

To start with if really they deserve equal money, why is the FO giving less to the senior ladies tournament than the senior mens? That's bizarre and hypocrite.....what's so funny is that the difference is only  €5k for the winners. So the FO is exposing itself to being NOT politically correct for just €5k (well a bit more if we consider the previous rounds). Bizarre considering they have a €24M budget and they expose themselves for 0.02% of their budget!

I also find it bizarre that the Mixed double prize money is only a 4th of the straight doubles. It can be understood by the fact it is not an ATP/WTA event ..I guess.

Also bizarre is that we politically correctly agree that mens and womens are equal but disabled wheelchairs are only earning a fraction of the main draws prices.

And finally those believing in equal rights, equal money for mens and womens...I completely agree with them. Women and men should have the right to enter the same tournament and wins the only and single prize! That's Equality!


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Equal Prize Money Empty Re: Equal Prize Money

Post by raiders_of_the_lost_ark on Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:27 pm

I don't like this equal prize money at all.. not one bit. This is professional sport and not a school exam where we are talking about equality. Its totally business and should only be seen as a business. No one is saying that the women's slams are of lesser value, they are of same value as men's. But do they bring the same amount of sports business? Not even close. The current numbers for whatever they are .. are still highly due to the fact that men's slams success is carrying the women's burden. If they start conducting separate slams for men and women, then we shall see how low revenue the women's tennis is bringing.

Women in almost all Software Companies get 3 months of maternity leave. I've seen that almost all of them then take at least 2 more months of paid leave ( making those sick leave, casual leave etc. ) on top of that. Then they will take something called work-from-home for another few months. They do at times get kids to work, off loead their task to men in their team. etc.

Men only get 3 days of paternity leave and I don't see anyone including me showing any problem with this. It's totally understandable.I understand women's problems and I'm fine with that.

So why is it not understandable that pro-tennis is all about business.

Have you seen what kind of money pro athletes get in other sports? In Badminton equivalent of a Tennis masters, the winner .. yes the winner will get about $7000 as prize money. Can you now compare with what tennis players get? Why?? Why is there no equality in pro sports at all?

These equality talks are all raised by greedy women who just want a bigger piece of the pie. They don't care about equality, they just want more free money.


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Equal Prize Money Empty Re: Equal Prize Money

Post by noleisthebest on Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:11 pm

To start with, the postulate is artificial.
That out of the window, we have a profit making business that decides how much everyone gets paid.
Personally, I find discussing other people's money and salaries vulgar.
Why do we need to know how much football, film or tennis stars get paid? It only breeds greed and resentment.
It's noone's business how much anyone earns.
But since for some reason prize money is public, and TDs want to tow the PC line, it suddenly becomes another outlet for various frustrations.
Men and women are different, they will never be the same and thank God for that.
Yes, men play longer matches and better tennis, but I am not aware they are paid by the hour.
Personally, I'd never pay a penny to watch a women's match...
At the end of the day, sponsors dictate how much TDs spend on prize money, and I'm pretty sure Nike couldn't care less about the artificial concept of equality...if their main women: Sharapova and Serena are selling a lot of their products, then that will determine the prize money, not how good their matches are.
If Nadal is selling Babolat gear galore, you bet RG are going to make balls lovely, light, big and fluffy for him...if they could, they'd probably bribe God to provide some really hot and sunny weather tomorrow...

Btw, a surprising choice of topic...but not for agatha!


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Equal Prize Money Empty Re: Equal Prize Money

Post by Daniel on Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:31 pm

Equal prize money for equal job.  Women don't do the same hours/job as the men, so they do not deserve equal prize money.

If we really want equality then women should be forced to join the men's game.  That won't happen.  Because we are not equal.


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Equal Prize Money Empty Re: Equal Prize Money

Post by Tenez on Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:38 pm

yes I agree with the sentiments here. I would have no problem if ladies were paid more than the men through their own sponsorship....but we know it's clearly not the case! Like Sharapova they can make more money than men sponsoring their own brands.


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Equal Prize Money Empty Re: Equal Prize Money

Post by summerblues on Sat Jun 07, 2014 6:55 pm

I think it is pretty clear.

If women and men were playing in the same tournament and the tournament said "if I guy wins, he will earn $2 million, but if a woman does, she will only earn $1 million" that would be wrong.

But they are playing two separate tournaments.  Whoever brings in more money for the tournament should make more.  If it is the ladies, then they should make more, and if it is the guys, then it should be them.  It is only for ideological reasons that it is being forced to be equal.

Tennis can get away with it because the difference between how much men and women bring in is not orders of magnitude, so it may be easier to succumb to political pressure than to pay everyone fairly.  Tennis does not have to stray too far from the true economics by paying both genders the same.  But in most sports, this sort of "equal" pay would be entirely out of the question, so much so that nobody even seriously suggests it.


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Equal Prize Money Empty Re: Equal Prize Money

Post by Sponsored content

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