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Goodbye Andy Murray

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Goodbye Andy Murray Empty Goodbye Andy Murray

Post by noleisthebest on Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:58 pm

When a player retires, in a strange way it feels like he has died.  And just like when someone dies - you only remember and are able to say nice things...

For all his strops and in-your-face c'moning opponents' errors, foul-mouthing, winning ugly etc - Andy Murray was one fiery, passionate tough miserable git!

For all his gut-wrenchingly annoying scrambling gets (who can forget Robredo's middle finger back in 2016:), Andy Murray has shown grit and a battling heart that all the overhyped new-gens after new-gens can only look up to and dream about!

Hey, Sir Andy Murray!

You've done well. You've chased your dream, caught your dream and lived it.  Bubbly


a bit of NITB Andy Murray trivia:

1) I was one of the lucky ones on CC, back in mens' Olympic final '12, when Murray beat Federer and won the gold medal. He started the match nervously and I yelled out: "Come on Andy, you can do it!"
I genuinely think he heard me.
Because after that he changed his demeanour and did it! Big Grin.

The main reason I was cheering for him over Federer was the emotion I experienced after his loss to the Maestro on that same Centre court only three weeks before - in his first Wimbledon final.
This is what I wrote:

"What do I say when the inside is sinking with emotion weighing words down.
Can you watch a tennis match backwards?

Well, that's how it feels for me right now: I have actually seen a match backwards.

For, the end of yesterday's final provided the key to unlock the beginning:

the bright sunshine, the glorious Centre Court, the "important" people looking fragile: wanting something so badly, yet not being able to buy it.

The young man who his box was terribly concerned about: you could see it on their weary faces, like never before, even his normally tough fist-pumping fitness trainer was reduced to his 5 year old helplessness.

The mum was overwhelmed, too. The one who hugged him from day one, needed a hug she could not get.

But the young man was brave for them all, he was brave and was not going to be denied.

And he wasn't denied.

He left absolutely everything he had on that court. Even the stuff he borrowed for the day: the fearlessness, the smile, the buried fear, the cast-off old comfort blanket.
He was light.

And then he had to pack it all up in his heart and go back to those same walls he has to look at every day.
His hands will have been shaky, he may have left a piece or two behind.
It doesn't matter now.

Nothing matters now.

Nothing will matter for a very long time.

Walk tall in those dark woods, Andy and come back when you're ready.

The sun always comes after the clouds.

It's got to. "



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