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How long can this go on?

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Re: How long can this go on?

Post by Tenez on Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:56 pm

Again I never said all defeats by fed in slams are attributed to injuries. Far from it as I have always been clear and often mentioned or referred as federer's game as obsolete in the years he was beaten by Djoko and Rafa. You can look at all the slams threads and never used injury as an excuse there.....unless it was obvious.

I have explained the losses by stating fed belonged to a previous generation. I had a feeling fed could beat those guys on faster conds or if he had learnt the game with current tools.

When he loses to guys who are older than Nadal, that's different. I think he has always been H&S above his own generation and there I cannot recall a slam match he lost while on form. Maybe v Safin in AO05 (though he had MP and yet took a MTO) and Guga in 2004. After that he only lost to Nadal the next 3 years if I remember correctly which proves my point.

Regarding Nadal, I am pretty sure Amri thinks that Nadal only lost at the FO when unfit. He might deny that.....but deep down that's how he thinks.


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Re: How long can this go on?

Post by summerblues on Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:34 am

DECIMA wrote:OK, let me ask you something, I know you like Tenez but just answer as you see it: [....followed by a long and silly question....]
I like you both, otherwise I would not be talking to you.

Why would you ever care whether I think your or Tenez's opinions are more reasonable?  What kind of question is that?  Are you suffering from insecurities?  I do not agree with Tenez's statement that a fit Fed never loses but I also do not think that Tenez means it quite like that.  I do not exactly recall your opinions on Rafa's injuries but I seem to remember that I found at least some of those opinions contrived.  Again, does not mean I disagree with everything you say on the topic.


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Re: How long can this go on?

Post by Daniel on Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:31 am

Nevertheless, Summerblues... you did equate them as bad as each other.  And I disagree with that.  Tenez said that Federer doesn't lose while fit (later miraculously changed to "on form" - which doesn't fix anything). Personally, I just wish everyone would quit with injury excuses and "fully fit/on form" nonsense - Accept that no professional is likely to be "at their best" ever. It's a loaded term for fanboys to blame any loss suffered by their favourite millionaire player.


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Re: How long can this go on?

Post by Sponsored content

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