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ATP 1000: Miami

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Re: ATP 1000: Miami

Post by bogbrush on Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:58 am

Veejay wrote:some interesting stats in the fedal rivalry
The stats for Djokovic / Nadal must be terrifying - they spent almost 7% of that time on one match, and they've played more often than Federer & Nadal.


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Re: ATP 1000: Miami

Post by legendkillar on Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:00 pm

Wow this forum got pretty out of control! Winking

Kidding aside. Didn't catch Miami. Sounds a bit harsh, but another Fedal proposition didn't attract me this time round. Also for some reason, sounds insane but the absence of Murray and Djokovic I felt hurt the tournament. Purely because sidebar rivalries are a good thing to any sport. Doesn't solely keep the focus on one attraction. I always felt that the sidebar rivalries would one eclipse the major ones. E.g Raonic/Nishi. Think it was a few years back they had some real humdingers 14/15 and it's kind of sunk if you will and that lack of rivalry coming out of the shadows is somewhat underwhelming. If anything, the juggernaut of Fedal and Djokovic and Murray shows no signs of waning and their absence enhances that. I've sort of gave up on the nature will take its course hope because it ain't happening Laugh Laugh Laugh

Also a big welcome to BITF and JohnnyJeep!! Welcome guys. Glad you made the switch.


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Re: ATP 1000: Miami

Post by Emancipator on Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:01 pm

bogbrush wrote:
Daniel wrote:
summerblues wrote:
Tenez wrote:A fan is a fan, so fans and rational discussions don't go hand in hand. This is why they will always find excuses or circonstances to favour their players.
Very true.  But pretty cheeky coming from you.

That's not actually true. There are fans who can discern reality and criticize the players they support, like me (done it enough with O'Sullivan and Federer), and those who will make excuses for everything the player they support does - and see what they want to believe regardless of reality (like Bogbrush and Amri). I also note that these types never use their real name or allow anyone to know who they are in person. Funny that.

And generally speaking, each of the "fanbases" set up their own little tribe to attack the other. More and more I respect the neutrals the most - but they usually stay well clear of forums for good reason.
Yeah, many people think it's wise to disclose their personal details on the internet where they can debate with all sorts of oddball angry people.

Obviously you've taken the high ground using your unique name. It does show your imagination, to be fair.



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Re: ATP 1000: Miami

Post by Sponsored content

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